LADS Experts Present... Speaker Submissions

Do you have a technique that could help other doctors in their patient care? Are you familiar with a hot
topic in oral care not covered by any dentists at the moment? Share with others in your profession and help
raise the level of patient care in dentistry!

At LADS Experts Present... on September 19, LADS will present two to three speakers from the LADS membership who will offer new insight into clinical dentistry, investigative research, or practice management.

To be considered you must submit a short speaker proposal describing your program topic, speaking content and experience. Primary topics of interest are listed below, but not limited to these.
Anesthesia, pain management, sedation, pharmacology, basic science, endodontics, medical emergencies, myofascial pain/occlusion, operative/restorative dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, practice management, prosthodontics/fixed and removable, implants, orofacial pain, oral pathology, sleep apnea, special patient care, esthetics/cosmetic dentistry.

Speaker selection

Submitted proposals are reviewed and selected by the LADS Program Committee. Consideration is given to the proposed topic and content of the presentation, the expertise of the doctor, and the public speaking skills of the doctor. 


Speaker proposals must be received by June 15, electronically or postmarked. Selected speaker notifications will occur by July 3. Announcement of the final LADS Experts Present... program will be released in August.