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LADS Experts Presents
Maggiano's at The grove
189 The Grove Dr. Suite Z80
Los Angeles, California 90036
(213) 380-7669
Tuesday, September 19, 2017, 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM PDT
Category: CE Meeting

The Lip Factor: Unveiling Dental Beauty - Dr. Kyle Stanley

Throughout the years, esthetic dentistry has used the upper lip as a major decision making feature when designing smiles. We have been told to simply accept the position of the upper lip and base many of our esthetics from this often aged length. The problems arise when we try to restore our patients with young looking teeth but they remain with senile aging lips. Dr. Stanley will introduce a paradigm shift in esthetic treatment planning where we can incorporate minimally invasive plastic surgery procedures to give our patients a youthful lower face, better incisal display, and treatment plan with an Orofacial approach and the SLIP technique.

Endodontic Retreatment and Microsurgery - Dr. Nicole Barkhordar

Endodontic cases and literature based evidence on prognosis and treatment of endodontic retreatment and endodontic microsurgery.

Diagnosis and Treatment of the Terminal Dentition - Dr. Adam Geach

Patients with a non-restorable or “Terminal Dentition” can present some of the most complicated dental cases. These patients often feel embarrassed and have neglected their teeth for many years. They often present with missing, worn, decayed or periodontally compromised teeth. This leads to shifting and supraeruption of teeth producing an unstable occlusion and potential loss of vertical dimension. Subsequently, their lower face appears over-closed, esthetics are compromised and chewing efficiency is reduced. The goal of this presentation is to learn to recognize the complexity of these cases and
to begin by visualizing the whole dentition with proper esthetics and occlusion instead of treating these cases, “tooth-by-tooth.” Clinical techniques and examples will be discussed. Prosthetic options and design will also be presented.


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